Friday, September 30, 2011

Ministry Resources - Handouts for Seven Steps Groups

In my last several posts, I've explained that I uploaded the resources that I've written to our website. Here's the link to these free ministry resources:

The third resource listed on the site is a file for handouts for a group called "Seven Steps to Growth and Healing." Here's a link just to that document:

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been able to lead three or so groups through the "Seven Steps" materials, while my friend Gary Spears has also led two or three groups through the material as well. The results were very positive as people learned more about important Biblical truths, including the person of Jesus Christ, His work and the importance of His work in their lives.

Why use the handouts?
While planning to lead my first group that went through these concepts, I had initially planned to simply distribute the Seven Steps booklet. Here's a link to the booklet:

As I was thinking about the format and my plan to distribute the entire booklet at once, I soon realized that we would not have time to read through an entire chapter of the booklet during each week's group. In addition, I really wanted people to focus on each week's topic without jumping ahead.

Thus, I put together the handouts. They contain the Scripture passages, major concepts and discussion questions for each chapter in the booklet, but avoid the stories and some additional materials that I'd included in the booklet.

A few notes on logistics....
When leading this material in a group setting, I found it helpful to meet over seven consecutive weeks.

As I noted above, I have also found it helpful to wait to distribute the entire Seven Steps booklet until the final week - as people are likely to skip topics if they have the booklet with them in their small group. Instead, I provide copies of the handouts for participants to use - but only distribute one week at a time.

At the end of the seven weeks I distribute the entire booklet for participants to read on their own for further spiritual growth.

Some final thoughts about the Seven Steps...
My prayer is that you will find the Seven Steps booklet not only a helpful resource for those in your group, but also for you personally. Each time I review these I find areas where I need to grow deeper in my understanding of God and His purposes.


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