Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seven Words for Spiritual Leaders

As I mentioned in my last post I spent part of last week at the Anglican Mission's annual Winter Conference.

On Day One (on Wednesday), we heard from Rwandan Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini (who as the Primate of Rwanda has oversight for AMiA).

David Virtue had this quote from Archbishop Kolini, "We thank God for protecting the baby (AMiA). We also celebrate a child to grow. The Anglican Mission is 10 years old it wasn’t easy getting here. It needed resources. We were often stubborn, often rebels, but we learn from our mistakes. We celebrate the challenge. Many of you paid a price but thank God the baby (AMiA) survived. Our hope was not in ourselves but in the Lord."

Although he had many things to say, I was most impressed by how he began his talk,"We love you and pray for you."

Those seven words resonated with me as a great expression of Christ-like leadership.

The words "We love you and pray for you" are seven great words that every spiritual leader should take to heart...and remember for those that they are leading.


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